New job

Hmm, over a month since my first post. That isn’t very good. However, here I be again!

Since the last post I have certainly gone places, both travel and career-wise. Some time ago I applied for a 12 month temporary vacant role in my place of work. An improvement on my current salary; a completely different department where i’d get to learn about a whole other side to my workplace; a role in which I can utilise all the skills and knowledge i’ve developed over the past four years yet still be stretched and challenged. Best of all? I will no longer have to attend all the meetings in all corners of Leeds which are currently expected of me. Can I have a giant “HURRAH” please?

Occasionally I wonder if I am making the right move. I know what I am doing in my current role. I have built strong relationships with all the people I work with, both in and out of the office. I am relied upon and am a source of assistance for many colleagues when they need something. However I have also become increasingly disenchanted over recent months, due to events which I won’t divulge here. I feel like i’ve become a bit TOO comfortable and, the fact that i’ve now found myself feeling fed up with the role I’m in, is a big indication that I should try something new. All of that is before we even consider the fact that I’m actually quite scared about the thought of having to integrate myself into a completely different team. To make new friends, and prove myself as somebody my fellow colleagues would want to work with. However if I don’t confront that fear I’ll be stuck in the same place forever, stagnating and feeling bored. If you want to go places you need to take risks. I’ve taken a lot of risks in the past. Some have worked out, a lot haven’t. But an important lesson has been learned from each and every one.

I will be on a secondment from my current role so, if the position isn’t extended at the end of 12 months, I will still have a job to go back to. However I feel that this will ultimately be the beginnings of new things for me. I have other plans in mind…other things I feel like I need to do, and to go and explore places which have been on my agenda for an indecent amount of time.

So…watch this space!


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