Hometown tourist #1 – Tiled Hall Cafe, Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery is centrally located, ensconced in the heart of the municipal buildings district. The Tiled Hall Café can be found on the ground floor of the Art Gallery, and is the perfect place for visitors to rest their feet and recharge.

Tiled Hall Cafe 2

The first thing that hits you when you enter is the hubbub of chatter echoing around the huge room, aided by the lofty arched ceiling. The massive windows allow unlimited amounts of sunlight in giving a light and airy feel to the room. Couples sat on the small tables by the windows are able to look out onto Victoria Gardens as they eat and drink.

The Tiled Hall Café is named as such because of the original tiles covering the walls and ceiling. Once covered by shelving they have now been exposed and the colourful detail which they give to the room remains a unique selling point. I’ve been a few times before but always with friends and their children. As lovely as it was to be with them, I never really had the opportunity to take in my surroundings and appreciate the area for what it is. Sitting there on my own today, waiting for my friend to arrive, I had the chance to do that.

Tiled Hall Cafe

Speaking of children the café is very family-friendly. It gets extremely busy during school holidays, and there isn’t a time when a child isn’t dashing around, chattering away or tugging on your leg and trying to make friends with you. Unless you’re incredibly focussed I wouldn’t suggest choosing the café as a location to do a spot of work (believe me, I’ve tried!) Having said that a relaxed, friendly atmosphere is always guaranteed.

Visiting today at lunchtime I chose to eat a lovely salmon nicoise salad, following by a scone with jam and cream. I washed my food down with two pots of Earl Gray Suki tea. All food is sourced within Yorkshire, ensuring that local business is supported. The food has a wonderful home-made, freshness to it and is delicious. I’ve been a fan of Suki teas for a long time so there’s definitely no disappointment there either.

I really don’t have a bad word to say about the café and will continue to return whenever I want a reliable, central place in which to stop off and have a break.

Tiled Hall Cafe 3


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