t took me a long time to take the plunge and decide I was going to keep a blog. Those who know me well will know that I excel in procrastination and, as much as I love writing, I do EVERYTHING I can to avoid doing something I *have* to do. I’d put maintaining a blog in the “have to do” category. What’s the point of having one otherwise?!

Once I made the brave decision and set myself up in the weblog world, I was then faced with an even greater decision. What in the world do I call my blog?! I wanted it to be something that accurately describes what the blog is about, which then led me to a startling realisation….I have no idea what I want to write about!

I know what I like. I know what I love. I can hold my own in the kitchen and often bake nice things which regularly win over family members, friends and colleagues. I am pretty mad on tennis (spectating…you wouldn’t find me in tennis whites on a court), I make it a priority to go to Wimbledon each year and was even fortunate enough to find myself at the French Open in May 2012! I enjoy knitting and cross stitching, though I am still very much at the beginning stages with the former (I once attempted a hat which turned out far too small for the recipient) and the latter often takes too long to see proper results (did I forget to mention I can also be quite impatient?!) Then there are the usual culprits…reading, live comedy, films etc. You get the idea!

Despite these varied hobbies and interests I don’t think I indulge in them often enough to justify keeping a  blog about them. That led me to ask the question “why”. Why don’t I do the things that bring me the most joy as often as I could/should? I think the reason is partly down to the fact that I work some demanding hours at times, and therefore feel like nothing more than a shower, food and bed when I get home. However I realised that when I *am* free of work I am always off doing something. Going on a cupcake decorating course, visiting a friend in another city for the weekend, having dinner in a nice restaurant or heading off on a short city break. My diary often gets so clogged up with activities that I have very little time for anything else.

People are often commenting on the things I do, and places I go. I’ve had people tell me that I’m lucky to be able to do so much, or look at me aghast when I tell them I’m planning to go for a mini break in Europe on my own. But I’ve always seen it as a very normal way to live. I don’t think I’m “lucky” though. Just as some people have chosen to prioritise saving up to buy a house, or chasing their dream career, I am instead seeking fun and thrills out of each individual day. Having said that I realised not so long ago that I’ve reached a point where I’ve been taking part in so much that I’m no longer appreciating it as I should. New opportunities and fun, exciting adventures should never be taken for granted, yet that is what I’ve started doing.

And that, readers, was my lightbulb moment! I’m going to keep a blog about the things I do and the places I go. I hope to capture and encapsulate the excitement I feel everytime I hop on a train or bus. To describe the apprehension and slight worry whenever I choose to do a solo trip abroad. To see my own adventures through the eyes of others in the form of readers’ comments after entries. I’m not promising far flung, world-wide escapades (I’ve only traveled beyond Europe once…though that will hopefully change soon. Watch this space!) but, to me, they are enough.

So, after a few attempts at titles, I came up with “Cath’s Going Places”. Does what it says on the tin.


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